When the earth faces extinction from a colossal threat from beyond the clouds only Jack has the power to save us.

#1 Amazon bestselling author Ted Lazaris presents a new twist on Jack and the Beanstalk.



Production Company: Mania Entertainment 

Producer | Development Executive: Nuala Quinn-Barton

Writer | Producer: Ted Lazaris



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Plot Summary for “And A Boy Shall Lead Them”

When the Earth faces extinction from a colossal threat from beyond the clouds only Jack (an autistic boy) has the power to save us – And A Boy Shall Lead Them – A NASA expedition to Europa, one of Jupiter’s natural satellites, will reveal an existential threat to the human race – A New Twist On Jack And The Beanstalk.

Written By: Ted Lazaris


Synopsis: Michael, Ryan, and Diane are three astronauts sent by NASA to explore the surface of Europa, one of Jupiter’s natural satellites. On its surface, they will encounter a series of strange phenomena which won’t be fully studied, because of an accident that closes the expedition sooner.

Two years later when Michael returns to Planet Earth, he will be forced by NASA to take an undetermined holiday period, due to the pressures he could create, if the information he discovered on Europa were to reach the press.

Michael and Jen, a childhood friend, and with his son Jack, who suffers from autism, will leave on a short vacation to Africa for an archeological expedition. As their expedition ensues, the characters will get caught in a mystery, the likes of which the world has never seen before. When the protagonists return home from this short holiday, the Planet Earth gets attacked by an extraterrestrial species, where its spaceships emit the same sounds as those recorded on Europa.

This invasion is going to begin to destroy humanity, by attacking large metropolis areas with laser weapons. Michael, together with Jen, will rescue Jack, who was caught between the debris of the destroyed infrastructure and between the big aliens looking to kill the survivors.

After Jack is rescued, he decides he won’t stick with his parents but will go to help the survivors, taking it as a personal mission. Being pushed by some fragmented visions, he starts looking for a solution that will save humanity. Jack will reach a particular location which allows him to talk to one of the aliens.

The discussion results from convincing the alien to give him the antidote that will destroy the extraterrestrial invasion, which consists of a species of microbes held in an ampoule. Jack takes the ampoule to give it to Michael and once the microbe species is released, it will attack the
aliens, which will save the human race from extinction.