Based in New York and Atlanta USA and with offices in London, England, The Film Co-Operative is a collective of industry professionals that have engaged in every facet of film production throughout its 30-plus years in the business. This team expertise and dedication to the craft coupled with our access to the very latest in film technology from previsualization, postvisualization, and virtual reality assures investors that the Co-Op can deliver the highest quality film possible at the lowest cost thus maximizing profitability potential and return on investment. We are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve using all aspects of new technology. 

Our roster of well-known talent and highly qualified crew furthermore positions us to become leaders in the competitive environment of visibility and distribution by offering viewers easy access to mainstream channels and theatrical releases so that they can enjoy the work we have created.

Our film funding strategy is simple: Invest with minimal risk.Through meticulous revenue and market trend research and analyses, we can maximize our investment portfolio by using the profits we have gained from strategic planning resources, and through our team of financial experts, fund our film projects without even touching the principal. Thus, when unforeseeable events occur, like what happened during the pandemic, our original investment in the securities market remains intact and secured while our wallet balance continues to grow.

Once we have accumulated enough through our profit investment model to begin pre-production, we then attach name talent and distribution, ensuring the highest potential for audience awareness and reception that will ultimately lead to a successful production we can all be proud of.

We welcome any investor wanting to join our wonderful inner circle of team players.