Ted Lazaris

Writer | Producer | Director | Executive


Ted Lazaris is a celebrated Writer, Producer, and Director, currently managed by the Film Co-Operative. As the author of the highly successful DragonMan series, he has penned a total of 18 best-selling novels which led him to earn the title of a #1 Amazon Best-Selling American Author.

Lazaris’ impressive repertoire in the film industry includes many writer, producer, and director credits, notably his work on the forthcoming “DragonMan: The Adventures Of Luke Starr,” which is presently in pre-production.

Despite his lifelong struggle with dyslexia, Lazaris has proven that no obstacle is too great to overcome. The learning disability posed challenges in reading, writing, and spelling throughout his school years and persists to this day. However, instead of being deterred by this condition, Lazaris adopted a step-by-step approach to his goals, never losing sight of the smaller tasks at hand for the overwhelming enormity of the bigger picture.

In his journey, Lazaris achieved the extraordinary feat of debuting his book, “DragonMan: Face Of The Unknown,” at NUMBER #1 on AMAZON KINDLE, triumphing over established authors like David Baldacci and James Patterson. This accomplishment highlights Lazaris’ tenacity and talent, displaying his knack for captivating storytelling.

In addition to being an accomplished author, Lazaris is also a respected screenwriter, motion picture producer, songwriter, and director under his banner, DragonMan Productions. His exceptional contributions to literature and the film industry garnered a Letter of Commendation from former First Lady Laura Bush.

His screenwriting credits encompass seven screenplays, all adapted from his published novels of the same names. The DragonMan series is based on these original characters and stories, bringing to life the immersive universe created by Lazaris.

He is currently managed by Nuala Quinn Barton, the CEO of Mania Entertainment, and President of The Film Co-Operative, who has aided in the development and expansion of his illustrious career. Ted Lazaris’ inspiring story and immense success in the face of adversity demonstrate his enduring determination and creativity. His contributions to the literary and film industry continue to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.


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