The amazing story of DragonMan was born at the dawn of the 21st Century, when the world, about to change forever, watched in disbelief as four passenger airliners crashed, not only into buildings and a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania but into the American certainty that the horrors of the outside world could not touch them at home. It was into this world that a new kind of superhero emerged, one for whom the lines between good and evil are blurred. Is he friend? Or is he foe? No one knows for sure. What they do know, however, is that as a friend there is no one better. 


Production Companies: Mania Entertainment | Buffalo 8

Director: Simon West

Producers: Nuala Quinn-Barton | Ted Lazaris |

Nicelle Herrington

Editor: TG Herrington

Line Producer: Andres Jauernick

Writer: Ted Lazaris

Stars: John Rhys-Davis

Mischa Barton

 Kevin Sorbo

Antonio Sabato JR


Luke is a teenager who lives in the present and is in a love relationship with Tera. Tera, her brother Troy and her brother’s friend Jimmy agree to meet Luke at the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee. While they’re waiting for Luke, Tera, her dog Troy and Jimmy will disappear through a cosmic portal which leads to a fantastic realm, Spellville, dominated by the evil wizard, Alaba.

One year later Luke will also vanish from the same portal, sending him to the same place. While there he will learn that his friends are prisoners in a place beyond a wicked forest, which is under the rule of Alaba. There, he decides to find his friends. He will go on a quest to rescue the land from the domination of evil. He learns that he is no ordinary teenager, he is Chosen-One, the prince of Spellville, as predicted by a prophet named Moclar.

Other characters will join in the journey and together, they will start to look for Zoe, a mystic pathfinder, who is supposed to have the magical powers which can protect them from the evil forces while traveling through Alaba’s wicked forest. During his journey, Luke will make new friends, one of them will be an ancient, massive dragon called Oloff.

The protagonists will go through a series of events, where they are relentlessly pursued and attacked by the evil forces. Then eventually, after finding Zoe’s house, they are attacked by Alaba’s minions, sending them running. While on the run Luke will come face to face with an evil witch. Later, reaching a village located at the root of the mountains, a merchant called Enera, will trade with them for a map that leads to the place where the Ruby Of Spellville, (a stone with great power) is rumored to be. No sooner after they leave the village, Alaba’s soldiers will appear and force Enera to give details about Luke and his path.

After crossing a river with an improvised raft and after climbing the mountains in difficult weather, the protagonists will arrive at the entrance of a charmed cave, which opens at the enunciation of some magical words. There, they will search the cave for a secret chamber which is supposed to hold the magical ruby.

Meanwhile, Alaba’s acolytes will arrive at the entrance of the cave and will dispatch a cloud of toxic gas inside, but Luke and his friend manage to escape, as they run deeper in the secret chamber at the last moment. In a death defining moment Luke will find the ruby and the with some magical words, they will make their escape. Alaba goes into a rage at the news and also because he could not extract any information from his prisoners (Luke’s friends) and decides to wage war calling upon all his evil forces to conquer the lands which are not yet under his domination.

On their way, the protagonists will meet a new creature, called Poulpylion which will give back Zoe’s magical powers, after she turns deathly sick. Meanwhile, the ruby Luke has found in the cave will unite with the medallion he wears around his neck.

The evil army will attack the protagonists, Oloff comes in the help. Luke’s medallion starts shinning so strong that its intense light kills the evil forces within its range. And then, a temporary silence falls over the wicked lands.

The following days, Luke and his friends will take part in a competition hosted by the sorcerer-king Alaba, where they need to travel to the wicked forests in order to participate. There, Oloff falls into a bear trap and a poisonous arrow hits Luke in the leg. Oloff will escape from the trap and with a ritual known as the Ritual-Of-One. It is a blood ritual, where the dragon’s blood dripped into the wound will save Luke’s life. The protagonists arrive in time at the competition and Luke with the help of Oloff, wins all the challenges, but his cheating gets discovered and Luke is sent to prison, where he will find his friends. They will escape from the prison through a portal which is opened by his sound recorder, which has also recorded by mistake Alaba’s voice. After he frees his friends, Luke goes to free Dooly, his travel companion, and mentor in the strange land.

After the battles against the demons and after he breaks through the spells which were cast over Spellville, he reaches the royal room to bring back the light into the wicked lands. All the characters, including Alaba, will revert back to their original state and will become good again by remembering who they really used to be before the evil broke ravaged the land.

Luke will wake up back at the present time, at the same place that he went missing. There he will learn that no one is missing no one but Tera. It was nothing ever happened. Troy and Jimmy were never missing. He quickly becomes conscious of his magical ability to transform himself into a brutal dragon hybrid and also the ability to open portals to everywhere. Luke will accomplish his life destiny when he saves the Planet Earth from the attacks of an alien species, using the newfound powers he got from his visit to the fantastic realms. And, in the end, he will fight an alien being and save Tera, from its clutches.



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Part 4 of Dragonman – The Adventures of Luke Starr

Part 5 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr “Taming A Dragon”.

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Part 8 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, Brogontis 

Part 9 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, Alaba’s Castle

Part 10 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, A Wizard’s Challenge

 Part 11 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, Dragon’s Cry

Part 12 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, The Birth of a Superhero

Part 13 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, A Dragon at the Door

Part 14 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, Prelude to Invasion

Part 15 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, Becoming a Wizard

Part 16 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, Invasion

Part 17 of DragonMan – The Adventures Of Luke Starr, Dragonman Saves Tera





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