🔥Prepare for a Story That Sets the World Aflame—Ted Lazaris’s “Toxic Rage”🔥In an era where silent crises and invisible tragedies are hidden behind headlines, Ted Lazaris brings you “Toxic Rage,” a relentless, heart-stopping, and bone-chilling thriller that not only entertains but also unearths the ugly truths we can no longer afford to ignore.🚨Where Poison Spreads, One Man’s Fury Ignites!🚨Picture this: East Palestine is more than just a small town; it’s the epicenter of a catastrophic toxic train derailment that risks thousands of lives. Enter Big Joey Cassidy—a man whose resume boasts stints as a sergeant in the army and a pro wrestler. But those arenas were just a prelude to his most challenging battle yet—a battle against a toxic nightmare that steals health but cannot take away hope.💥A Firestorm of Defiance is Unleashed!💥As bureaucrats stifle cries for justice and agencies shield the guilty, Big Joey Cassidy steps forward as the voice for the voiceless, the hope for the forgotten, and the avenger for the betrayed. He’s not just another protagonist; he’s a one-man army with a singular mission: TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF INDIFFERENCE!🌪️Unstoppable Fury Meets Immovable Forces!🌪️But this isn’t just Big Joey’s story; it’s the tale of a whole community standing on the edge of annihilation, their hopes tethered to a man whose fury knows no bounds. As the stakes ratchet up to almost unbearable tension, “Toxic Rage” transforms into an epic clash of wills between one ordinary man and the gargantuan forces threatening to annihilate him and his community.⚔️Will Justice Prevail Against All Odds?⚔️

Production Company:

| The Film Co-Operative LLC | Mania Entertainment LLC

Producers: | Nuala Quinn-Barton | Ted Lazaris

Writer: Ted Lazaris