Would you sacrifice your soul for Picasso’s talent? 

On the night of Picasso’s death, a mysterious figure traps the master’s spirit in a paint box and steals away in search of a suitable host.  When a struggling artist acquires his box, his spirit appears and her talent begins to blossom. 

Unfortunately, with Picasso’s genius comes his demons.  

The artist soon finds there’s no turning back, losing her inhibitions in drugs, booze and sex. She becomes cruel and arrogant — the living image of him.  Talent and success skyrocket, but when she overhears the woman she loves, Picasso’s former lover, discussing his evil plan to reincarnate into her body to finish his life’s work, she must wrench herself from his power to rediscover hers.

 In a final battle to save her soul, she traps Picasso inside her canvas. Forever. 

Production Company: Mania Entertainment

Producer: Nuala Quinn-Barton

Executive Producer: Bonnie Maffei

Writer: Bonnie Maffei

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