LOGLINE:   “Recently separated and struggling to raise her teenage daughter, a single mom takes a job as the caretaker of an exotic animal gallery in a billionaire’s lavish estate, only to realize that she has been lured there for sinister purposes.”

A NATURAL SELECTION is a thriller in the vein of PANIC ROOM and THE INVISIBLE MAN.  It contains two strong female leads and a unique Darwinian theme that is sure to resonate in today’s marketplace.  

Production Companies: 

Mania Entertainment LLC.

Buffalo8 | Bondit

The Film Co-Operative LLC

Producers: Nuala Quinn-Barton | Nicelle Herrington

Director:- TG Herrington

Writers: Darren Brooks, Evan Brooks 

Cast:  In talks with Radha Mitchell, Harvey Keitel

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Step into the dark and dangerous world of ‘The Nest’, an exclusive Bel-Air estate where nothing is as it seems. Follow Ashley Martin, a pet shop caretaker turned estate caretaker, as she navigates the strange and mysterious events that unfold within its walls. With her teenage daughter Talon by her side, Ashley discovers that the animals at the estate are kept in deadly predator-prey pairs, and that someone, possibly her estranged husband, Glenn Martin, is watching her every move. When masked intruders break into the estate, Ashley and Talon find themselves on the run, diving into a nightmarish chase filled with twists and turns.

As they uncover the truth behind the twisted events which turn out to be orchestrated by billionaire Duncan Carlysle, Ashley must fight for her and her daughter’s survival against the dangerous and unstable Glenn. With intense action, dramatic moments, and a gripping storyline, ‘A Natural Selection’ will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Don’t miss out on this thrilling screenplay that explores the human condition its’ parallels in the animal world and the lengths people will go to in order to survive. ‘Despite our refined civilization, we’re all just animals, trapped in our cages.’