Penelope and Rita are bandits and con artists bound for Texas. They arrive on a freighter in San Diego with 20 cattle and $50,000 in gold and head for Texas. Follow their adventures….think Thelma and Louise without the final tragedy!

Production Companies:   Mania Entertainment LLC

Producers: Dana Blanchard,  Nuala Quinn-Barton.

Contact: Nuala Quinn-Barton 

Writer: Dana Blanchard




Circa 1860

Two attractive young South American women, meet PENELOPE, rangy Texan blonde, and RITA, raven-haired, hourglass-shaped Colombian. Amateur con artists on a learning curve, they rely on disguises and the element of surprise. Penelope sneaks into a Cantina wearing non-descript attire. Rita enters a bit later sexy with all the pizzazz. Rita parades around the cantina attracting attention. She performs a striptease at chair at a folding privacy curtain.  While all attention is on Rita, Penelope gathers up everything off the table, she exits. Suddenly the privacy curtain falls. She’s gone. All the MEN run outside. They’ve both rode off on horses.

The Spaniards are fleeing South America for their lives; leaving their Hacienda’s full of riches ready for plunder. The idea fills Penelope and Rita’s heads. They holdup two banks with twist for walking around money.

The obtain a long-covered wagon. They plunder many haciendas. In the first con they acquire ownership to 12 cows and 2 bulls. The beginning of herd to venture into the cattle business.  

They head to a port with the cattle, many close calls surviving erupting volcanoes and earthquakes. In the port they auction off the Hacienda goods, raising $200,000.

The harbor has a blockade, they con their way aboard in uniforms and fake documents. 

They land in the Port of San Diego. They buy 3,000 head of cattle to start their cattle in Fort Worth, Texas. They men herd the cattle. They do another con staring the Millionaires Club and Social Club. They raise $200,000, They donate the club to a friend. They depart for Texas with the herd and 20 ramrods. 

They meet the Apache tribe, quick thinking Rita puts on a Gold Conquistador Helmet. She charges the Apache. This conformation alarms the charging Rita, the War Chief calls her crazy on, calls on Medicine man to deal with this. Rita threatens a curse on the Apache, unless her demands of twenty strong horses, 5 bags silver from the mountains and twenty blankets. The Apache do this and Rita stops the curse.

Moving along the cattle trail to Texas they meet the Navajo. Penelope and Rita are greeted by the Navajo. The NAVAJO, four braves and a woman (Chief Elu – Full of Grace) 40, and the woman (25) AIYANA (butterfly), approach Rita, Penelope, Cowboy and Randal (cowhand). Aiyana spreads out blankets, please food and water on them. Aiyana introduces them to the GREAT SPIRIT. They are thankful and make friends with the Navajo.

Their journey continues across New Mexico and start into Texas. Their scouts see smoke signals coming from the hilltops. The next many Comanche warriors dot the hilltops. The next day the cattle herd and the cowboys are surrounded by Comanche. The Chief and Rita talk. She rides away the Chief’s War Lance. To be used to safe guard them all as long as they live.

Rita and Penelope ride to Fort Worth at its beginning. 1861. They find a man to buy land from to start their ranch.  They like the land, buy it and build their ranch Hacienda.  

They go into Fort Worth to file their land claims with the Government. They are over heard by a swindler Burke Butler. 

Burke begins his land swindle with a crooked -judge and shyster lawyer.  Burke sets up a fake court house and serves Penelope and Rita illegal papers to appear in Court. 

Rita and Penelope loose their Hacienda to Burke and his bought and paid for lawyers.

They locate and have an appointment with Federal U.S. Marshal Kate Cooper.  Kate, Rita and Penelope devise a plan to take the land back from Burke Butler’s swindle.

Kate telegrams Washington DC for special investigators. Tobin Winchester, Thortin Wilde, Virgil Earp, Jackson Dunston arrives in two special government railroad cars dressed in black suits wearing stove top hats. They rendezvous secretly with Kate, Rita and Penelope outside town. A con of enormous size stews.

That night girls and the government men had fun together eating and drinking at the Fort Worth saloon and restaurant that night.

A few days the girls and hands packed up and moved out.

Burke and his band of misfits take over the Saloon in Fort Worth. Rita with a blonde wig, gets close to Burke and his men. She is not recognized. Penelope wearing a long black-haired wig sets a date with Burke to visit his ranch and buy cattle at a high price.

Penelope arrives at the Burke’s Ranch in disguise (Black wig, Eastern-clothing)  to view property. Burke shows her the land. In the Ranch House he opens the safe to see his deeds. Penelope and Tobin Winchester compare the deed to the deed he has. Tobin points out that Burke’s deed is a fake, as it was not recorded in Washington DC. 

Burkes servant comes in to announce the Federales are here. They march in with US Marshal Kate Cooper to arrest Burke. He is hauled off to the train station bound for Federal Prison.

A few of Burkes’ investors are the train too and trigger-happy gunmen. This group removes Burke from the train headed for federal prison upstate New York. They ride back to Fort Worth Texas to take Burke’s ranch back by force.

Burke’s group is met by force, first from the Navajo along the trail. Then at the ranch by Rita, Penelope, Tobin Winchester, Thortin Wilde, Virgil Earp, U.S. Marsal Kate Cooper.

Burke and his men are all killed, a few of Penelope’s and Rita’s are wounded.

Rita and Penelope host a large celebration.