Estranged from his religious mother and alcoholic father, seventeen-year-old Max Beyer now lives alone above a hardware store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He meets Rebekah Fisher, a year younger and Amish. It is love at first sight. Despite protests from her family, Rebekah decides to elope with Max to New York, but soon after, the United States enters World War I and orders Max to France. While Rebekah thrives as a dial painter for luminous watches, Max returns home emotionally scarred from the wartime trauma. The watch company’s decision to relocate Rebekah to Lancaster to manage their new branch further alienates Max, and he begins down a path that will lead to disastrous consequences, though we soon discover that Rebekah has challenges of her own that could be just as deadly.  

Production Company: Mania Entertainment

Executive Producer: Nuala Quinn-Barton

Director: Harvey Lowry

Writer: Lee Chavis