A New York “family” sends its doofus nephew Tony on a mission to transport stolen valuable gold coins to its fence in Las Vegas on the pretext that he is delivering rigged dice to a casino. But Tony is so dumb, he thinks that the Kentucky Derby is a hat, and that Las Vegas is probably somewhere out in New Mexico, which is exactly where Tony ends up. Yes, you heard right: Las Vegas, NEW MEXICO. I mean, does this guy need special training on how to get from point A to point B? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, why does everything have to be so friggin’ difficult?

Welcome to comedy high jinks, slapstick low jinks, and crazy stuff all around leading us to a funny, frantic, and action-packed finale. Not to mention a cast of good, old-fashioned Italian gangster actors to keep the party alive.

Production Company: Atomic Hollywood Productions

Producers: Carlo Irwin | Shawntee McCoy | David A. Lockhart

Associate Producer: Lee Chavis

Development Executive | Producer: Nuala Quinn-Barton

Director: Adrian Carr

Writer: Carlo Irwin

Stars: TBD