Endless Passion explores the hypocrisy and double standards surrounding the war on drugs, the balancing act between morality and freedom of expression, and the everyday struggle for those seeking to achieve the American dream. Against this backdrop are CIA operatives based in the Philippines and Beppe Montaña, a drug lord who attempts to become a legitimate businessman by establishing companies that will distance himself from law enforcement authorities. Eventually Montaña’s ties to organized crime come back to haunt him when Special Agent Ethan LaSalle discovers a past associate who may be the key to solving his parents’ murders twenty-five years ago and which LaSalle now suspects were orchestrated by Montaña while taking over the powerful Carlos Alvarez drug empire.

Production Company: The Film Co-Operative

Executive Producer: Nuala Quinn-Barton

Director: Harvey Lowry

Writer: Lee Chavis

Stars: TBD