Iris Carr has a dream life and marriage, although heavy drinking will eventually lead her down a path of dissociative disorders further brought on by a stalker who is following her every move. As we delve into their past, we find that the two of them share a sordid bond and a relationship that was doomed to failure from the start: she as a gold digger and he as an accomplice to murder who is now bent on revenge after she bailed out on him and left him holding the proverbial bag.

Yet, there is always two sides to a story, and as the stalker waits for the right moment to strike, we get to the bottom of what really happened that fateful night, when their lives would change forever.


Production Company: Atomic Hollywood Productions

Producers: Carlo Irwin | Shawntee McCoy | David A. Lockhart 

Associate Producer: Lee Chavis

Executive Producer: Nuala Quinn-Barton

Director: TBD

Writer: Carlo Irwin

Stars: TBD