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Ariel Alexander Fiore is  a sought after Award Winning Director, Writer and Producer from Cleveland Ohio. He is known for Misunderstood, The Eulogies, Skin Deep, and is the Owner of Wolf and Blue Studios.

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Hope Madden August 2, 2023 2:00 pm

Columbus actor Anthony Dain has been busy. Recent credits include Noah Baumbach’s White Noise and countless local films, shorts and TV spots. And he’s not slowing down. Dain has a lot of stuff coming up, including two much-talked about Ohio indie horror films – The Boy from Below and Meat.

But while you wait for those genre features to hit, Dain wants you to have entertainment you don’t need a subscription to see, with a character-driven series similar to New Girl or How I Met Your Mother, but set in Ohio.

The series is Misunderstood, written and directed by Cleveland’s Ariel Fiore and starring Dain, along with Patrick Mona and Dayton’s Beth Metcalf.

“The show is about four friends,” Dain says. “The pilot starts out with a questionable adventure to a questionable place, and it makes my character a little uncomfortable because he’s more reserved. And my best friend tries to get me out of my shell after a pretty hard breakup. So, it starts out strong and just it follows our shenanigans. That’s the best way that I can put it. It’s an adventure of these friends trying to figure out life.”

The pilot’s been shot, and two more episodes are underway as Fiore undertakes a modest $3,000 Indiegogo campaign to help generate fishing funds.

“We’ve got the majority of it taken care of,” Dain says. “We haven’t quite finished it. There’s still a couple more scenes that we have to polish off, but for the most part, we will have that ready to go. So, what we’re looking for is just a little bit to help us get at least a couple more episodes in, so we have some ground to stand on outside of just the pilot.”

And then what? Is the long-term goal a Netflix deal? Actually, no.

“We’re going to look at YouTube for now, because really we just

want everybody to have this,” he says. “Right now, there are too many streaming platforms. Everything needs a subscription for

this, that and the other. We’re looking to just create a show that’s relatable to anybody that’s watching, that’s openly available for anybody to watch. And sure, if somebody wants to pick it up and we have a bigger budget, we can do so much more with it. But right now, we want to start small, and we just want to get something out there for you guys.”

More information about Misunderstood is available on their IMDb page. Find their crowdfund campaign on

Anthony Dain – Photo provided by Anthony Dain 

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